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Road-trip Regional Produce: Cookies


As I drive north, I'm taking time to experience all the regions have to offer, and it's getting late. I'm still hours away from Bangkok, the light is fading and need to fill up with petrol. I've stopped at this PT station many times before, but never turned around to see it has a huge regional shop!


Candies and biscuits, every conceivable variation of cookies and snacks, are here! I'm heading up to Udonthani for the Songkran festival and I decide to shop here for gifts for everyone. Cookie crazy time ensures! I got carried away I think, I'm not sure how I'll carry them all on the plane.


Durian and cashew cookies! My favorite combination of putrid nutty flavors! Now if only it had some pork meat fiber to pork it up a bit. This reminds me of the cookie section of Super Cheap in Phuket, the market that burned to the ground last year. I thought I'd never see anything quite like it again, but yet here it is.


There's candied fruit, nuts, fried cookies, buns, traditional sweet egg deserts, giant bags of snacks. It's all exactly the sort of thing you take back to friends to thank them for looking after your house while you were away. And handily next to a gas station, so it won't delay your trip by much.

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