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Road-trip Regional Produce: Sala


Sala is a fibrous fruit with an interesting complex taste. Part sweet, part bitter, part smooth flesh, when it's good and ripe, I equate it to a sherry trifle, for the mixture of the bitter/sweet and creamy smoothness.

It's April, I'm heading north to Bangkok and stopping off at the produce stands along the road to experience local farmers produce. Sala can be found at stalls all around the map location below, be sure to stop off and buy some.

They had other things too, pickled stink beans, the large green bean used in stir-frys in the south. They pickle them to eat as a snack with beer, I bought a bottle of these to try for myself.


They're something of an acquired taste. Not for me, there isn't any particular flavor to them except sourness and I think pickled cabbage has a better texture. Still, worth a try.

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