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Road-trip Regional Produce: Steamed Buns


North of Chumpon, about half way between Phuket and Bangkok, is a very large service station which is a stopping off point for the buses as they make their way north.

Around this area, the famous regional produce is Se-La-Pow, the steamed bun filled with salted eggs, pork, red seasoned pork, beans and even sweet custards. There's lots of varieties of steamed bun, so you won't be spoilt for choice.

They're very cheap (mine were 7 baht a bun) and because of the high sales volume, very fresh. Steamed buns are perfect for road-trip food, they are ready to eat, and not messy, so they don't mess up your car.

On a trip from Phuket to Bangkok, Chumpon as about half way, which is the perfect snack time too. There's several of the larger service stations at Chumpon, the long distances coaches stop at these, to provide the free included meal.


Each stall is surrounded by smaller satellite stalls, so don't worry, if you miss one, you can just drive a little further and there is another stall selling the same steamed buns.

Look out for the large steamers along the road, I bought mine at the location below.

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