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VT Restaurant in Udonthani


I've been to VT Restaurant in Phuket, its a small but excellent Vietnamese restaurant in Phuket town. But I've been told about a VT Restaurant in Udonthani and wanted to go see it.

VT started doing takeaway Nam Nueng packs in central Udonthani. It's a dish of lettuce, basil, and green leaves, pork meat skewers, spicey peanut sauce, and rice paper that you form into a wrap and eat. They did it fresh, clean, large and cheap, and that was a big winner. Their restaurant was always busy with long queues.

So then they built this, a mall sized 'VT Community' restaurant to the south of the city. It's big, much bigger than the photo shows, it extends a long way into a sort of factory building behind.


180 million baht was spent on this site, and it seems to be paying off. They'd only partially opened, and already lots of people were visiting.

I wanted to go see, and bought 3 packs of nam-nueng, Vietnamese pork wrapped in banana leaves, buns fill with meat and some other stuff, for 1200 baht. The whole family got several meals out of that, each pack was amazing good value.


The next day I wanted to try the friend rolls, 100 baht for the large one, a restaurant quality meal for that price, that's insane! The coffee bar there made me an unsweetened white chocolate milk drink for baby Pang to try, and she loved it.

There's a big omission here.... no Vietnamese coffee at the coffee bar!! Vietnam is famous for its coffee culture, and to only have the usual Latte, Espresso and other Italian coffees but not have a single Vietnamese one is a big mistake. They should fix that.


There's even a drive through, with a rack of fresh packed Nam Nueng ready to go, but you can order anything on the menu, it'll take a little longer.

For my trip to the farm, I head through the drive through and buy a couple more Nam Nueng packs. Again, its all about value for money, this meal will feed us tonite and tomorrow. It's got lots of fresh salad leaves, plenty of meat and bags of flavor, and doesn't cost a lot. So we take it as a gift, and so my uncle doesn't have to feed us.

They deserve success with this, its a winner.

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