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7 Pagodas for 7 Hills, Surat Thani


On my way south, I decided to follow the road signs instead of the GPS. After a while the GPS stopped asking me to turn around and instead took me down a winding road. Punishment perhaps?

Or perhaps fate! The scenery here is amazing, all rock spires, and on one spire I spotted a pagoda! But how to get up there? There must be a way, so I took out the drone, and looked around to find the road way and walkway up to the top.


I chat to the monk, another one is being built on a second peak, this one higher than the last. He tells me they are building 7 of them. Since they can't afford to hire builders, they're doing it themselves, with the help of the local town officials at weekends.

It will be amazing when they've finished it. The first one is already done and the view from the top is breathtaking.... and that is the lowest of the pagodas planned.


I made a suggestion which I hope they do. That is to connect each rock spire with a rope (well cable) bridge. So that you ascend the first rock spire to the first pagoda, then you can cross a rope bridge to the second, climb some more stairs (each rock is higher than the last), to the next pagoda, getting higher and higher as you go, until you're at the highest pagoda at the highest hill.

That way it will be like a journey up the hill, with 7 pagodas as your incentive!

I made a small donation, they don't have that much money, so donations are welcome. The monks building camp is just next to the fountain, you can park here, and make a donation to them.

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