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A Buddha With a View


As you head south, down the Asia highway why not take the time to walk up a hill and visit this Buddha with a spectacular view, facing towards the sea. It's not a day trip from Bangkok, it's far down the peninsular, and half way to Phuket, you really have to be heading south to see it. It's in Chumphon, on the northern direction of the highway. I was headed to Phuket, and Chumphon is a good half way rest on this long trip.


Once you're at the top, the view is spectacular, the hill overlooks a bay with views to a small island and everywhere palm trees and blue sky. Photographs don't really capture scenes like this very well, your brain makes the island large in the distance, but the camera needs to zoom to see it:


There's some rather expressive monks here too. Old wrinkled faces with intense stares.


If you don't fancy walking, there's a road up to the hill, that spirals around the Buddha, but once you start up that road, you have to keep going to the top. It's narrow, goes under the plinth of the statue and only room for one car. Better to park either in front or behind the statue and walk up the steps.


The statues of monks stare at you in judgement if you're too lazy to walk up! But also there isn't much parking at the top, only a loop to turn around and some grass.

There are plenty of U turns on the Asia highway, so even if you're heading south, it's easy to U turn, to get on and off the northern direction, with only a little diversion.

There is a small sign telling you where to turn off to see the Buddha, blink and you'll miss it. But if you go on a little north after this sign, you'll see a tiny tiny little road joins the highway. If you turn off here, and park at the foot of the steps leading up the hill, you can stretch your legs and walk up these steps, and up the hill. It makes the visit more special to climb the steps up to the Buddha.

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