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Bang Kung Camp, Amphawa


Amphawa is famous for it's weekend floating markets, and for it's firefly boat trips. But there's a lot more to Amphawa than just those two things. There's also temples, lots and lots and lots of temples.

Bang Kung Camp is one of the more famous of these temples, it's an old army fortress, next to a river, with an old temple. The trees have grown and consumed the temple, till now, the whole things is just a few windows looking out between a mass of tree root.


There's a lot to see here, with aircraft stacked up for show at the main camp. A petting zoo for you to feed the animals, and outside some very very very large fish in the river that you feed large loaves to.

The temple is the main part though. It's considered lucky to visit, with nature taking over the temple as though the temple has its blessing.

I noticed something right away. Look at the temple entrance in the first picture. At the right hand side is the image of a skull looking to the left. It's difficult to see until you spot it, and then it's difficult to miss.

Cherry has not had luck on this trip. She's moving back to Thailand to set up a business with her husband, but these temple fortunes have been consistently bad. This one was no exception, "Not as expected, activities turn out unsuccessful, ....". But then again, there are plenty of temples, she can keep doing this till she gets a good one and then stop!


Bang Kung Temple and Camp is not far from Amphawa town center. It's worth a quick trip during the day, the main market is at night anyway on Friday to Sunday, so daytime is free.

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