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Bangkok Islands, Ko Kret


The Chao Praya river snakes through Bangkok and along the way it creates a few islands. These islands flood frequently and so they're designed green areas. I've visited Bangnarmpheung island before to see the weekend floating market, and the fireflies, this time I'm visiting Ko Kret further north.


Getting to the island is simple enough, ferries run every few minutes from the east bank of the river. There are two temples here, the ferry runs from piers at the two temples, and if you get there early enough you can park at the temples.

I arrived later, but private car parks across the road still had places. 40 baht got me a days parking. The trip costs 2 baht, you pay on arrival. It's so cheap because the journey is so short. There's a longer tourist boat trip around the island, that costs 60 baht and takes 1 hour.


There's a lot to see and do here. A found a candy puller making some lollipops, dinosaurs and candy animals. Dinosaurs seems to be a theme here, a puppeteer in the market has a dinosaur to frighten children with.

There's an OTOP village, shops filled with regional produce, and a few pot makers carefully carve traditional clay pot pourri pots.... well the pot design is traditional, even if the use isn't!


If you're legs can take it, the walk around the island is only a few kilometers. I managed it! But I wished I'd done the shopping after the walk, carrying all my pots and candy around wasn't such fun.

See the durian figurines on the bench? By the end of the day, they felt like they were lead! You can rent bicycles for 40 baht the day and that is probably better than walking.

This is a weekend trip, you can visit the island during the week but the market is better at weekends and holidays.

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