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Bangnarmphueng Floating Market Bangkok

This is another of those floating markets that Thai's visit, rather than tourists. It's right in an island in the center of Bangkok, open at weekends, a short taxi ride across a bridge from the city center. It's called 'Bangnarmpheung Floating Market', but really it's a craft and farmers market set next to small canals, rather than a true floating market.

There's so many interesting things to see there, that I didn't cover in the video. For example, these are giant mushrooms, an ice cream seller had this pot of mushrooms on his stand, not to sell, just to attract attention in a competitive market!


You can drink tea anywhere in Bangkok, so here the tea is iced bamboo tea, and it comes in bamboo cups with an orchid on the straw. 30 baht and you keep the cup, 20 baht for refills if you already have a cup.


In the rice farms of Thailand there is a snail that eats the rice and is so plentiful it is a complete pest. The farmers eat it, but there are just too many to eat. I showed the bright pink eggs it lays in the video, well here is its shell, used as hanging flower pots for orchids.


You know how Thai's use a sauce made from fish, used to make flavours more complex? And you know how we use a stronger smellier version in some dishes, known as old fish sauce?


Well I didn't know they've invented an even stronger smellier version made from crabs! Here they're selling it at the market. Be careful if you buy it, they also sell natural fertilizer at this market in very similar bottles, with a quite similar smell!


There's a temple next door too, currently having an extra section added - note the traditional Thai wooden scaffolding you rarely see these days.

You can make a complete visit of this part of Bangkok, including staying overnight in a Bangkok Homestay and going to see the Fireflies at night along the river bank. Below is a map of some of the sights, (you may have to zoom out a little, Google Maps isn't so great at adjusting the scale to the size of the embedded map).

View Bangkok Island in a larger map

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