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Bat Cave Ranong


I'm heading North, via Ranong, a border trading city with Myanmar. Ranong has a lot of natural sights to see, and I decided I would explore some of them. Prakhayang Cave is on the main road North, and I decided to take a look.

The first thing that hits you when you walk in the entrance is the smell. Ammonia, strong and pungent from the bat droppings.


The second thing that hits you is the noise. The bats are active, flying around in this cave. I took a photograph of a hole in the cave ceiling, and the bats are just blurs of flappy wings.

I felt something strike my shoulder, was it bat droppings? As it turns out no, it dripping not dropping, water from the cave roof.


Outside there is a jungle walk to explore, a nice concrete walkway that takes you across the mangrove and deep into jungle, passing through a hole in the rock.

I wonder what is on the other side? Well more jungle, followed by the car-park!

As you head North on the main highway 4, this cave is a short detour on the map below:

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