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Buddism & Bangkok


A temple tour is a must when you're in Bangkok. But so many of the tours choose quantity over quality, they bus you around from temple to temple and you never really get time to relax and enjoy the space. Since I was in Bangkok for the new year, I thought I'd visit the two best temples for tourists to visit in Bangkok.

The two temples to visit are Wat Pho (Wat means temple), next to the river and home of the reclining Budha, and the Golden Mount, a temple on a hill with great views of Bangkok and plenty of bells to ring and gongs to strike.


To get to Wat Pho, why not catch a boat from BTS station Saphan Thaksin to Tha Tian express boat station? It adds some excitement to the visit. Wat Pho is a short walk south of the pier (right as you come off the pier).

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The Palace is also here, but that's normally far too busy to visit, and costs a lot more, 500 baht currently. From here a Tuk-Tuk or taxi can take you to the Golden Mount.

The anti-democracy protestors are in the area too, at the nearby Democracy Monument (they haven't spotted the irony of protesting against elections at a democracy monument). Traffic is very light, the protestors pretend they are 3 million on the street, but its more like 10000 in reality. So cars avoid the area, which makes it far less busy than normal!


I pity the street vendors lined up along the road, they came to see food to the protest crowd, but outnumber them! It gives me plenty of places to eat street food though.

On the walk up the hill, be sure to ring every bell and strike every gong three times! This is a very interactive temple to visit. Officially known as Wat Saket, but that's really the main temple complex next door. The mountain and pagoda are the main thing to see here.

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