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Chumpon Beach (Nana Resort)


The drive from Bangkok to Phuket is always day long haul and I like to break it up with sightseeing and even overnight breaks.

Half way is Chumpon, a town with a good beach called Thung Wua Laen. So I'm staying overnight at Nana Beach Resort, just north of Chumpon, and that breaks my drive nicely in two. A beach is also the perfect place to practice flying my new toy!


Yes, I've given in and bought a drone to get aerial shots of the places I'm visiting. This drone has the very handy feature of being less than 2kgs, meaning it doesn't need to be registered, and the height limit of 90m is plenty to get good shots. You can the video I made below.


I'm leaving it in beginners mode to start, so it stays below 30m, which is enough for my first attempt.

There's quite a few nice places to spend the evening here. A live music place, and seafood restaurants. I find a nearby seafood restaurant and order a Fish Garden.


A walk on the beach is a way to wind down after a day of travel, and its quiet and well lit, with just the rush of the waves to listen to.

If relaxing isn't your thing, there's plenty more to do at Sam Roi Yot, but for a simple overnight stay with food this is perfect.

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