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Chumpon Best Beach


I'm visiting Chef Win, in Chumpon to see his new noodle shop, and while here I want to check out the local sights. He recommended this beach, it's not in the center of Chumpon, its to the north, but he says it would be excellent to catch at sunset.

Terrific, I hop in the car and set off ready to catch the sunset, imagining the photographs, the sun melting into the sea, a golden sunset, dramatic red sky, perhaps a palm tree in the foreground... wait a second! Chumpon is on the East coast, the sun sets in the West, so what is the point of a sunset on an east coast beach! No matter, I can spend some time on the beach and relax, maybe grab a drink and watch the sun go down behind the trees.


As I grew closer, I could see a rainbow, that would be so much better to have a rainbow crashing through a moody dusk sky!

Boy is this place windy, kite surfers ride the waves, the trees have that windswept look. The trunks lean towards the wind and the leaves are swept back. I never noticed that before. I have a new camera, so I try out some arty photographs. Nice.


This is a nice beach, popular with the locals, but quite far out of the town. If you're driving south, a stopover near here is a worthwhile thing. While your there, be sure to pop into Win's noodle shop and grab some noodles.


To find the beach, head north from the center of Chumpon, its a short drive, not too far.

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