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Cloud 47, Bangkok Sky Restaurant


There are lots and lots of sky restaurants in Bangkok. Restaurants on the tops of towers, usually open air, with a view over the city. Cloud 47 in Silom, Bangkok, happens to be one of the cheaper ones! Which was my main reason for choosing it.


It was a nice clear day, and I didn't have a reservation, but no-matter. The friendly staff found me a table at the edge, and I treated myself to a glass of wine, I really shouldn't but this is a treat. Ordered some of their spicey laab-salmon to start, followed by 4 cheese pizza and bbq ribs.

The prices here aren't expensive, given the scenary. You expect these sky restaurants to be really expensive, and some are, but this one's reasonable. A few hundred baht per dish.


The food is calories not flavors. The main cheese on my 4 cheese pizza was processed cheese slices, awful. Yet the pizza base was perfect. The ribs were soft fall-off-the-bone meat, yet the BBQ flavor was bottled sweet BBQ flavor ketchup! The chef doesn't know how to cook farang food obviously, it's not lack of work, it's lack of knowledge. He should really go on a course. For similar priced ingredients they could make great pizza and amazing ribs, if only they knew the correct sauces and proper cheeses to use!

There's live music and a DJ too, so you can spend the evening in the clouds enjoying the view. Half of the restaurant has a roof area, in case it rains, so no worries about the weather.

They have a giant wine tower with machine to fetch the bottles. But I couldn't get them to turn it on, I was told they only ever fetch the bottles by hand! What a waste, they should make a real feature of it, I was willing to buy a bottle just to see the machine work, but sadly no.

Cloud 47 is in Silom, the nearest skytrain station is BTS Sala Daeng, as you head towards Bangok Bank's HQ, look for the "United Center" with Citibank at the front. The tower is behind this shopping mall, you can walk through the mall and out the back, or around the mall to the tower entrance behind. The restaurant is on the 47th floor of this tower.

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