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Crystal Canal


My road trip from Phuket to Bangkok is long and boring, and normally takes a good 10 hours of slog. I want to make it as fun as possible, so I'm looking out for things to visit along the way.

Crystal Canal? That looks promising! I wonder what it is. Since it's only a few kilometers detour, I take the turnoff and go inquire.

There are lots of people here, all Thai, the car park attendant tells me it's a crystal clear water river with the water source to the left. You can bathe here and enjoy the clear cool water.


This is nice, a long drive is hot and tiring, and to change into your swimming costume and enjoy a dip in a crystal clear river breaks the journey. Lucky I have my waterproof camera with me, so I can show you just how clear the water is.

They rent rubber rings here, so you can float down the length of the river from the source back to near the car park. This is a good place to play.


One the way back, I find a selection of food stalls along the side and vow to pick up some snacks for my journey, shrimp cakes for later, and for now, a crepe with mu-yor (dried shredded pork fiber) and egg filling.


You can find this on the road that heads into the national park south of Chumpon. Google maps has been 'improved'. It now shows maps with only a single view, which means that you cannot highlight an individual item on a map that has many points. I'll look for an alternative map system, but in the meantime the GPS location of this is 9.021214 N 99.022142 E, or you can spend an hour or two hunting through the now useless Google map below.

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