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Dawadung Cave, Bats are the least scary things


I'm visiting Kanchanburi's not so popular sites, this one is not far from Sai Yok Yai waterfall. I noticed a sign on the road, took the detour and then regretted it almost immediately, well sort of.

The first hurdle is the guard, he explains that its a walk about 500m into the jungle, then you get a guide to take you into the cave. Walk? Up hill into a jungle? I must be getting lazy, even 500m sounds a long way.

Fortunately there are rest places up the hill, its not a long walk. He assures me the cave has bats to see, so that will make a change from the usual cave visit.


The usual visits, are wandering around a cave, a guide points to rocks, "that ones an elephant", "that ones a pagoda", "guess what that one is".... usually its shaped like a man's private part. For some reason the guides think this is new and funny, and not the same lines told in every cave across Thailand!

Then we stand underneath some sharp pointy scary rocks and wonder what color stain we'd make if they fell... Brown then red.


But this cave has a few variations on the cave formula. Firstly the side cave is a clamber through a hole. Watch your head. Secondly the bats, they fly around but this is not the scary thing in this cave. As you move around, you're aware that something is moving in the shadows. Something small, fast, hairy. You can see it in the video.

It's a cockroach of sorts, it eats the droppings from the bats and the bats eat it. It has long antennae and these are the hairs you can see, it feels its way around the darkness and can hop away to escape capture.

They're very creepy, you are never quite sure whether to grip a rock or not.

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