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Dressing up in Amphawa

I've been to Amphawa before, several times, but I've never been to this park. Rama 2 Memorial Park in the center of Amphawa. I found it while looking for the Thai Sweet Museum, it turns out the sweet museum is inside the park!


But really don't bother, if you want to see traditional thai sweets, go to Amphawa market any weekend and they sell them freshly made and edible. Here the sweets are made of wax and plastic and resin, and they're mouldy and you cannot taste them or try them. What is the point of a museum for food if you can't eat it!? It needs to be a Khanom tasting session!


The best thing to do here is to rent a bike, cycle around, see the buildings and go dress up in traditional Thai costumes. This is an excellent selfie opportunity! They don't let you film inside any of the museum houses, but if you dress up, you can film using the houses as a backdrop.

Those old houses are so cool inside, but the central wooden raised courtyard is insanely hot. The sign tells you to take your shoes with you. You will need them to walk across the courtyard. I got some good ideas for my planned gazebo in Phuket. I want to create a cool outdoor covered space I can relax in and enjoy the warm wind. I'm now more convinced than ever.

Amphawa is in Samut Songkran, about 2 hours west of Bangkok. The main market is opne at weekends, but there's plenty to do all week. The park is in the center of the town, walking distance from the floating market.

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