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Erawan, Kanchanaburi


Kanchanaburi has two big lakes. I'm spending the day at Sinakharin, with the Erawan waterfall, and a lot of rafts along the river to stay at.

I chose The Hub Erawan, which was handy for the waterfall and had a 4pm raft trip up the river. You hang onto a rope raft and its towed up stream. If you fall off, they drive around and catch you again down stream, but still, until 5pm the river is really fast and difficult to swim in.

Baby Pang will not be risking this!

After 5pm, they close the dam, stop generating electricity and the river gets a gentle backflow, back up the river. It's safe to swim then, its very calm.

The Hub Erawan has some fun bathtubs on the deck outside, but you quickly realize that this is river water! Emptying out the water is a matter of pulling the plug and the water drops back into the river!

After you've finished, rinse off in the clean water in the shower inside!


The waterfalls are pretty, with massive fish nibbling at your toes, or rather your whole legs! But, this was a bank holiday and it was very very busy. I've learned my lesson, and will visit on a normal day next time.

Along this river, and over in the lake, there are plenty of raft houses to stay. If you zoom in on Google satellite images, you'll see fun water parks surrounded by raft houses on the lake. I'm going to try these when the baby is older, for now, she's just too young to really enjoy Kanchanaburi.

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