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Erawan Museum in Bangkok

The Erawan museum, GPS 13.6284N, 100.5890E is the giant three headed elephant you sometimes see from the East Bangkok roads. It's a modern attraction, and although it's aimed at tourists, I thought it would still be worth a visit.

It's 300 baht to get in, 150 if you're Thai, it's a giant three headed elephant, a museum below, a large staircase up to a lit glass ceiling, the stairs lead you through the ceiling into a room with a viewing window in the leg and further on up to a temple in the stomach, all surrounded by gardens and ponds.

Watch the video, you'll see the most dramatic part is the temple in the stomach of the elephant, but don't ignore the detail. The whole place is decorated by mosaics made of broken pots and soup spoons. Look closely at the elephants ears below, spoons, with the head covered in broken pot.

Erawan museum inside glass ceiling

The glass ceilings representing the bounds of the world, is also stunning. It looks like the sky is on the other side, but the flickering light sort of spoiled the illusion for me.

Temple inside elephant Erawan museum Bangkok

Once in the temple, those little viles of liquid are holy water, make a small donation and take one. It's similar to when the monk throws water over you, a blessing.


Once you've visited inside, it's time to look at that gardens, if you're lucky the fish can still be fed, make a donation in the box and take a bag of fish food. Sadly the food had gone when I arrived and I was told that's all the food they are supposed to have for the day, so I had to fake them out by pretending to drop food.

Last thing to do, have some Thai traditional ices. These are old style blocks of icecream, in a paper cone to catch the drips, real old style. Bi-toy (pandan) on the left and Durian fruit on the right.

Traditional Thai Ice creams

Here is the map to the museum, it's about a half day sightseeing trip in Bangkok:

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