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Exploring Thai Muang #2


I'm taking time to explore Thai Muang, the area North of Phuket, along the Andaman Coast. So far I've been camping next to the beach, I've done a Salt Crusted Fish BBQ Recipe also next to the beach. I've visited pagodas.


I'm heading up the coast to do the Turtle Release festival at Thai Muang, (Updated: done it Thai Muang 'Save Sea Turtle Festival', my turtle was extra special). So while I'm here I want to explore the less known sites, and I'll also be making Fish Curry Parcels in Banana leaves for my recipe blog.

Firstly, just north of Khao Pi Lai beach is a fishing pier. At the entry to the pier they sell fish, but sadly when I visited it was late afternoon and everything had been sold. There's a hatchery here, so rather unsightly pumps, pump the sea water for the hatchery, but you can't hear it when you're on the pier.


I've seen signs for a 'Guyser' here, but in Thai they write the words 'Hot Spring' not Guyser. My friend Goy tells me it's a Hot Spring, and they've built a resort around it, but you can still visit it for 10 baht. 10 baht sounded too good to be true, and when I asked it was 400 baht. Too much. I stick to taking photographs from around the resort.

You can drive into the resort and walk across their bridge to a strip of sand that forms a very private beach. The sea wraps around it like a moat! I took the drone and filmed some aerial shots so you can see how scenic is it.


I stop off at Rabiang Lay restaurant on the beach for some beach seafood. At 720 baht this meal was pricey, you pay for the scenery, but the quality was good. I had some stuffed chicken wings, squid, fried vegetables and more.

Thai Muang is around 1 hours north of Phuket island, simply drive up the coast and turn onto the coast road to see all the sights.

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