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Fireflies Bangkok, Thailand

I found a fireflies tour in Bangkok! Fireflies are the little flashing bug that you can see at night. A popular trip for Amphawa, in Samut Songkran, but I actually saw a lot more fireflies right here in Bangkok than I did at Amphawa! You can see them right in the heart of Bangkok, at the 'Pig Stomach Island', the island created by the flood relief canal in central Bangkok is a little rural retreat from the busy city. There are home-stay accommodation there too and a weekend floating market, and the riverside walks along the flood gates, so you could stay for the weekend and explore this island, see some fireflies, soak up the atmosphere and relax... right in the middle of Bangkok!

Lets start with the fireflies, (hint turn out the lights and make the video full screen):

Although the video is very short, the tour was long, over an hour. Fireflies are easy to see with the naked eye and extremely difficult to film. In the video you don't see much but, in real life it's a delight! The river is amazing at night, we sailed between row upon row of huge black barges that were moored up in the river, and climbed off the boat to see stretches of wild terrain to see the fireflies. These barges carry rice up and down the river, and are moored up due to the floods.

Huge dark bats flew overhead, they're called 'chicken bats' because of their size. There were whole trees filled with fireflies all lit up like a Christmas tree draped with fairly lights. None of which you really get from the film. We got so close to the firefly by paddling in quietly. The guide keeps track of where fireflies can be found and takes you to many places along the bank of the river.

I set off from his home pier (across the river from Bang Na pier), but when we'd finished the boats had stopped sailing, so he dropped us off across the river back at Bang Na. I'm sure if you call him he can collect you from Bang Na pier. He lives right next to the pier with his wife and the cute little girls are his nieces. Their mother works away in Chonburi, and their father has left (typical Thai man I'm sorry to say). If you ask the littlest girl who her father is, she says he's the 'Prime Minister of Thailand'. You can see why I bought them some candy!


A few very important notes on this trip. Put your camera away, you will not be able to film them and the flash will kill them. Do not shine flash lights at them, do not use a camera that shines lights to get focus. Do not touch the fireflies. Do not make loud noises. Wear the life jacket. You will need a Thai speaker, the tour boat didn't speak English. Spray yourself with mosquito repellent before you go!

The guide is Mr Lung Gay, telephone 083-123-8768. He also does Loi Kratong boat trips, where he takes you into the middle of the river to launch your Kratong and take a look at other peoples floating out to sea.

The price for 2 people was 150 Baht for a 1 - 1.5 hour trip, and drops to 50 baht each for 4 or more people.

A Google Earth track of the trip is here: Fireflies in Bangkok . If you're planning a Homestay (B&B) visit to this part of Bangkok, I'd recommend you also take a look at Bangkok 'Island' post for some ideas on what you can do.

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