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Floating (Bobbing) Market North East Bangkok


This is a new floating market, part of Wat Prayasuren in north east Bangkok. I say floating, but it's not really a floating market, more a market next to the canal. That shouldn't put you off, there's plenty to buy and plenty to see at this market.

The most exciting thing for me, was the nut candy being made. I've always wondered how easy this is to make, because it's a recipe I haven't covered. I always thought it was made in a complicated factory process, but no! You can see from the video it involves a lot of hammering, a lot of nuts and not a lot else.


The temple itself is nice to visit, its normal to see scenes of ancient Siam painted around a temple, but this one adds some nice touches, like the 3D effect you see at Phuket Trick Eye. Keep an eye out too for the entrance to below the temple, where far more Buddhas are kept.


A fun thing for me was the old-world camera for taking old world photographs. Look closely and you'll see its a cheat! He has a digital camera hidden in the case, and a laptop to add that old world silver-look. It's still fun though, a nice touch.


Another nice touch here is the classic Thai sweet drinks served in a bamboo cup with an orchid to decorate. A refreshing souvenir of your visit. If you buy water in the market, notice the brand is the temples own.

There's a bit of Appon history to this area too. When I was about 9 years old, I lived here. I use to bathe in the river near here. It wasn't so green then, it was all reeds and natural, and the city has engulfed this place since then. Even so, I still recognize the market on the corner, and the street I lived in when my father was building an apartment nearby.

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