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Flooded Temples By Boat


After the Mon Bridge, the next thing to do on my itinerary is obviously the boat tour! This lake was damned to hold water, and some villages were flooded as a result. Since the tallest building in a village is often the temple, the temples stick out of the water.

Next to the Mon Bridge is a walkway, and the long boats there take tourists out to explore these derelict temples.


More adventurous tourists, well richer anyway, rent the house rafts. These are sleeping rafts, that are towed around the lake so the tourists can enjoy swimming and sightseeing in their mobile floating home.
I'm not keen on these, they insulate the tourists from the world, better to go shop with the locals, eat with the locals and chat to the locals.


I'm visiting 3 temples on my boat trip, and two of them are on raised land above the water. The village they served may have gone, but the temple remains, slowly being taken over by trees and decaying.
The decay adds texture and life. Once flat walls now ripple with roots and cracks. No more perfect plaster and paint, more age and mold.


None of my party had a match to light the candles, and without monk to maintain a burner, we left the unlit candles and incense in the pile with the rest. The Mon woman who sold us the bundle will probably resell it later to the next tourists! Oh well.

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