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Flying Chicken


What was that saying, your mother always taught you? Don't play with your food?? Does flinging roasted chicken out of a metal trebuchet onto a head-mounted-spike while uni-cycling around an obstacle course, count? I think it might.

This is a fun place to visit just for the cooky floor show.

Flying chicken is a restaurant near the junction of Bang-na Trat and Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. It's been going a long long time, 29 years so far, and its the same show night after night! By the sound of some of the Karaoke singers, they've been here from opening night with the same material!

(Video after the break)

The main event for flying chicken, is when they load the deep fried chicken onto a metal trebuchet, a unicyclist makes his way around hurdles in the stage, wearing a helmet with a metal spike mounted on it. On the ring of a bell, the chicken is sent flying, and the unicyclist catches it on the spike to the amusement of small children and not so small Appons.

This is a good bit of fun, and for me the pleasant surprise was the prices haven't gone up much in those 29 years! My bowl of Tom Yum Gung had plenty of shrimp, plenty of flavor, plenty of crab pieces, but not plenty of baht! At the end of the night meal and beer cost less than 500 baht a head, about $15, the entertainment was free.


They let you try the hat trick too, but with lettuce wrapped in tin-foil rather than chicken. There's lot of photo opportunities here for your twitter friends. No exciting Instagram filter is a substitute for living an exciting life!

There's another variant of these chickens, the burning chicken with flames over it. I've tried that and didn't like it, it just tasted of burn fumes to me, but I see they also launched one in the trebuchet. They make better projectiles than food.


The whole place is chicken themed, and you can't really miss the chicken statues outside.
It is easy to find, head out of Bangkok along the frontage road next to the Bang Na Trat highway, its on the left, there's plenty of parking around the back. Any Bangkok Taxi can find it.

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