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Himmapan Avatar Live Show, Bangkok


I accidentally discovered a great shopping mall, and it has two shows. Himmapan Avatar, a show about tree spirits, and "Ong Bak Live" a live action fight-love-grow show based on the movie. I've seen "Cookin with Nanta", another RCA show at their other mall, and thought it would be really great to catch Himmapan.... I was not disappointed, it was stunning.


There's two parts to this show, the first part is a stage show in a theatre, the second part is an exploration area, where the actors mix with the audience and you experience life in the forest all around you. The show has wheel chair access areas via a lift, but not for the best (gold) seats, and there are English and Thai language shows.

When the show started, I thought it was going to be boring, they insist on telling you about "Himmapan".... in three languages.... lots of words on a screen.... oh dear, how boring..... the main tree fairy flies around, suspended by wires that are painted blue. The idea is to match the wires to the background and make them less visible, but really they shine bright in the spotlight! Oh dear.

But then the evil performers came into the audience to scare the children, and a mist spray hit my face, and I knew this was going to be a good show. The giant dragons crossing the stage, the amazing colorful show, and as you move into the second part, and head off into the forest. All the animatronic creatures and colorful performers, everywhere, things to see. Wow!


After the show, I head off to Republik, the nightlife area on top of the mall to eat. They're filming a Thai series there and the upper level is closed. I look carefully to see if I recognize anyone, but no. A few people with hoods over their heads come downstairs and rush off, as soon as filming is done. The technicians taking the lights and cameras follow. It's all over very quickly.

But still, the show was enough. The meal and night afterwards were bonuses.

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