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Hot Spring (Khao Sok National Park)


My road trip from Phuket to Bangkok is yielding lots more treats. Not far from the crystal canal, I find a hot spring. Thailand isn't that close to the edge of a tectonic plate, so we don't get full volcanoes and magma, but we do get hot springs!

After my visit to crystal canal, I have a few mosquito bites, and the hot spring water soothes theses, I find the bumps gone and the itching stops.

The hot spring itself if divided into 3, the main well, a lower pond that can be used for washing and the lowest pond, used for bathing.


The middle pond, is more for spiritual washing than hygiene washing! Scoop the water out and pour it over your head away from the pond, so the water does not run back into this pond. The water in this section must be kept uncontaminated by human, and signs tell you not to step in this section or bathe in it.


I'm keen to bathe in this hot spring so I climb into the lower section, wow, this is hot. Better still it is also empty, no big rush of tourists here, just a hot spring all to myself. Below a river is completely clogged by plants (pak-tob-cha-wha), this plant loves the mineral rich warm water here, and forms a carpet of green so dense you cannot see any actual flowing water.

Exploring around the back of the site reveals more ponds and more hot springs, these are not cleaned and not for bathing, but watch closely and you can see rising bubbles of sulfurous air in these ponds.


Map: 9.030614 99.029431

Addition: I took some friends to this hotspring and I can't believe how insanely hot it was! I could only stand 10 seconds up to my neck in it. I don't remember it being this hot before. Check the temperature before going in!

Google maps has been updated, and lots of features lost along the way. I can no longer embed a map with a single point on a map highlighted. Until I can move the maps over, this hot spring can be found here.

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