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Khao Yai National Park


To the East of Bangkok, about 2-3 hours away is a national park known as Khao Yai. Originally Thai people visited to see the natural beauty of the mountains, but it's changed over the years into a strange sort of theme park for Thai people.

Italian Tuscany themed villages, cowboy restaurants, horse riding, water parks, strawberry picking, chocolate factories, all totally non-Thai-fake-European, but still fun to do.

There are hundreds of little things all the way along this road, I just chose a few that caught my eye as we drove along. When the baby is older, I'll visit again and maybe then, we'll do the water park and some of the horse riding and fair-rides.


Palio Town is an Italian village, filled with shops and restaurants. It looks a lot more convincing than Mimosa in Pattaya, but it's all too freshly painted and new to fool anyone.

They have a 'Mouth of Truth', like the one in Rome, put your hand inside the mouth and only speak the truth or bad things will happen. It's ironic having a fake mouth of truth.


The chocolate factory is a kitchen making chocolate treats behind a glass screen. Really the main thing here is to buy and taste chocolate. The cakes here are very very good, better than the chocolates in my opinion. Perhaps they should call themselves the cake factory!


We grabbed a meal at a nearby Cowboy themed restaurant/resort. It's a strange place, cowboys from the movies, tuscany villages from old Europe, a very very strange place to visit.

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