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Kra Ismuth, Border with Myanmar


As I'm exploring Ranong province, I head North and pass Kra Ismuth. This is the border with Burma (Myanmar), where a very very narrow, 100 metre waterway separates the two countries.

In reality the Thai side is built up with people, and the Burmese side is all mangrove swamp, so really its the border between Thailand and a piece of jungle.


At the moment, during my visit, it has a party going on, with Thai music and a market running along the bank. So I explore the market and take a look at what's on sale.

I won't stay late for the band. Rather bizarrely sets of speakers beam the music across the river into the Burmese side. Only monkeys in that jungle I think, perhaps the monkeys like Thai music?


Among the market stalls, I spot a Buddha pendant one. It has empty pendants to hold Buddhas or bones of dead relatives. I know that someone very close, has little time left. So I decide to buy some empty pendants.


There's really not much to do here, its worth seeing the border, and how such a small strip separates the two countries, but Thailand is ready for ASEAN and the opening borders, but Myanmar doesn't look like it is. Thailand even has its signs in Burmese:


I head on, this is a short stop on a long journey.

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