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Kwan-Riam floating market, Bangkok


I've covered some other floating markets in Bangkok before (link to 3+ floating markets). None of them are the touristy floating markets of Samut Songkran that you tourists get taken too, and as a result they're really really good!

This one is in Min-Buri, an Eastern part of Bangkok known for factories, Mama Noodles are made here, so is Hel-bru-boy (Hales Blue Boy soda syrup). The factory workers are lucky to have a nice big bustling temple on a canal here, and the temple runs this market at weekends and special holidays.

To be a floating market it needs to have boats selling wares, and this one doesn't disappoint with two banks of food boats selling all manner of Thai dishes. You eat onboard, so you have some pleasant bobbing up and down while you tuck into Isan pork, barbecued fish or, like I did, noodles.
(Video after the break)


But there's far far more to this place than the food. Along the canal are bird pens where Swans, Ducks, Geese and other birds can be seen. They're a tortoise pen with two giant tortoises in it, on their backs a donation tray, for luck try to throw in a coin, so many people miss, including me, but that's OK, the money is to feed the tortoise, so they are the lucky ones.


Lots and lots of market stalls are either side of the river, with some fascinating goods on show. The t-shirt with little ants crawling over it put a smile on my face, it's nice to see a whole roast hog on display but lots of cuts of pork aren't good for roasting, so be sure to get roast belly pork when you order some.


There are some really nice touches to this market, run by the temple (Wat Bumpennua). Mist sprays cool the walkways to keep the visitors cool, the canal bridge has disabled access, with a lift either side and a worker to help people up and down too. At the entrances are 'buffaloes with attitude' and other statues to add charm to the place.

Pony rides, and boat rides, with regular traditional Thai dancing and singing. This is a full day of entertainment, and it goes on into the night. I was quite surprised to see the boat trip is only 20 baht, but when I worked out there were around 40 people on the boat, 800 baht a trip, perhaps 10,000 baht a day per boat, it all makes sense. The boat guides are little girls from the nearby school, and its nice to tip them too. They must be raking in the money!


I found a traditional Khanom Krok pot, I'm going to try making traditional Khanom Krok in a traditional charcoal cook pot, that should be a challenge. We've become far too dependent on non-stick surfaces I think! I also bought myself a nice birthday mug.


From the main road to the floating market, small tuk-tuks ferry people for free, and there's plenty of parking. The market it open at weekends, Saturday, Sundays and bank holidays too.

In the morning, 7am onwards, they start donations to the temple, the monks arrive by boat and gifts of food are offered. Even if you don't arrive early enough for this, take time to drop some money into the temple donation boxes.

The floating market is here (Sorry, Google maps no longer highlights my markers on the maps I embed. I dropped a marker on this floating market, but when I embedded the map, the marker was shown on the preview, but disappeared on the website. Luckily the name is there on the map, so you can spot it yourselves as you zoom out.).

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