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Monkey Island Sam Roi Yot


Off the shore at Sam Roi Yot, there are a group of small islands, one of which, Ko Kho Ram, is better known as monkey island. In the tourist season, tourists come out here by kayak and fishing boat to feed the monkeys, and during the off season, the fishermen feed them.

This is not my first visit, I've kayaks out to this island before and fed the monkeys, so I know the drill.


This time, I walk along the beach to rent a kayak closer to the island, before I rented one near my hotel and had to paddle more than 2km each way! A short walk, and you can get that down to 1km each way which is far less tiring on the arms.

Having the confidence to know you can make it is the main thing, its really not that hard. There are quite a few mistakes newbies make when coming here. First, clip and tie down your bags, the monkeys often steal everything they can get from the boat and you don't want to chase them into the snake infested jungle.


Secondly, bring plenty of bananas, for plenty of interactions with the monkeys.

Thirdly, stop short of the shoreline, shallow enough for you to get out without overturning the kayak, but far enough to deter the monkeys from swimming to it.

Fourth, only take some of the bananas each time from the boat to feed the monkeys, the dominant male will grab them all, if you take them all, and you don't want to fight him, he is vicious.

Lastly, there are boat trips out on fishing boats if you really don't want to paddle. But the kayak is the more enjoyable way to go.

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