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Nong Khai Skywalk


The Mekong river at Nong Khai is actually quite dull. There just isn't much to see, it's a river, the other side is rural, and most of the view is blocked! To see the Mekong and get a good view across Laos, you need to get out of Nong Khai, and higher up the mountains at the valley sides.


Lucky for me, there is plenty to do along this route, including two famous temples, and a glass sky walk. The skywalk is a glass platform jutting out over the hill, letting you get a great view down to a fork where the Mekong departs Thailand, and a little thrill from the glass under your feet.


There are plenty of good views along the road to the temple, and in the temple itself, the skywalk and another viewpoint give you plenty to see.

The glass didn't scare Baby Pang, she's been on a lot of these and doesn't really mind that much. As long as I hold her hand, she's fine. The skywalk is free, but you make a donation to the temple.


The Mekong delta is rich and fertile and that translates into strawberry farms.... lots of strawberry farms along the river! Strawberry jams, dried strawberries, strawberry juice, lots of gift ideas here.

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