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Pagoda 2/7, "Sky Oasis"


I've visited Thamma Park Pagodas, Surat Thani before. It's a range of peaks, and they're building a pagoda on each of seven of the peaks.

When I visited this summer, the first pagoda was completed and the second was started. I did a donation, and climbed the peak, and kicked myself for getting the drone video overexposed.


I didn't really expect it to be finished so soon. Only a few monks were working on it, with the help of some volunteers from Surat Thani. I made the suggestion that they should connect the peaks with rope bridges (or at least steel wire bridges), but sadly they didn't do that. You have to climb each peak one at a time.

Lucky the new pagoda has easier, wider, steps up to the top. It was also far busier than last time. Lots of visitors came to see the view from the top.

(Video after the article break).


At the top, they've build a sky oasis, complete with tree for shelter from the sun, and pond full of fish. It's made with rustic old bricks, full of tiny little holes, into which people are slotting coins for luck. As the second pagoda, it's higher than the first, and you can look down onto the first pagoda. Each of the peaks is higher than the last going up the hill.

My old idea of a rope bridge was stupid, instead of a bridge they should build a slide! So you can slide down from the top peak to the next peak, spend time there, then slide to the one below, spend time there, all the way down. Weeeeeeeee. Or perhaps not. That's not exactly contemplation and meditation, which is what these pagodas are about!

The two pagodas can be found on the 4246 national road. Be sure to get the second entrance. There is a road that appears to go straight up the hill to the pagoda car park, but its too steep and is not for cars to go up, it's for rain to come down!

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