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Papa Market, Getting Better!


I completely missed the back of this market the last time I visited Papa Market! It's the market next to Train Market, the big famous weekend/night market behind Seacon Square shopping mall.

Papa Market is right next door, a 'little brother' market more than a 'papa'. Smaller, and quieter. As Train Market has become overcrowded and overpopular, so I've been looking around for other places to visit. I discovered Papa market has been extended at the back, and it's a nice set of bars and restaurants surrounding a fish pond with a Muay Thai ring in the middle. It's quiet enough to be nice to spend an evening, and busy enough to offer plenty of choice.


I was about 6 months pregnant when I visited. My baby girl will have major surgery after she's born, to fix a large omphalocele. So I've been frantically searching around for a hospital I can afford with access to expert surgeons. Now I'm happy with my choice of hospital, I can relax more and spend time to catch up on my blog entries.

They don't tell you this when you read about pregnancy, but the baby inside definitely responds to sound, and particularly music. You have to avoid loud music, with such delicate ears, but you can enjoy your baby dancing. Since her first months won't be so nice, I think its important to enjoy as much with her as I can now. I take her out, see a little live music, and she moves with the music.


I found a seafood buffet in Papa Market, and I wanted to try it out. I notice the crabs still moving, and it all looks good and fresh, with plenty of customers, so I think I'm safe to eat there.

Two of the bars next to each other take turns playing music. One has a band, then the other, and they share speakers between them. This is a big problem with Train market, the noise is intense as bars, right next to each other, have live bands playing at the same time, blasting your ears with two types of music at the same time. Papa Market does this right.


A look around Papa Market, its more sedate and quiet, more suited to my little one. I can enjoy a night out, and so can my little one. A memory she won't ever remember, but I will, and YouTube will.

Papa market can be found between Seacon Square and Ha Ha shopping malls in the East of Bangkok. Nearest Skytrain station is UdomSuk, but it's still a long bus or taxi ride to this market. It's an evening market open during the week, but fully open Friday night to Sunday night.

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