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Pattaya Park, Tower Sky Drop


It's new years, it's Pattaya, there's no celebrations this year, so we make our own fun. But there are conditions! I'm not allowed to do anything scary or stressful for the next few months, doctors orders, lucky for me I have some young cousins who are more than willing to do the scary stuff for me.


Pattaya Park is a water park with a monorail and sky tower. The tower gives you a great view over Pattaya, and for extra money, a thrill ride down.

Three groups of cables, offer a cable car ride, a tandem bucket ride down, and the scariest of all, you hanging suspended by a harness, not much different from zip-lining but from a much higher height!


This last option is only for people heavier than 45kg, and neither of my cousins were heavy enough! No matter, they could take the tandem bucket trip down.

I wanted to get a closeup of them falling from the drone, a bit of negotiation with the boss failed. He was frightened I'd hit the cables, and he couldn't take the risk. I told my cousins that the cables were so weak, a plastic propellar could break it. Ramp up the fear is my duty as an older person!


I went down the cable car route, I've been on many of these, but this one is smaller, windier and scarier than most. On European cable cars, they don't make you sign a disclaimer before you board!

Pattaya Park is at the South of Pattaya city, and the North side of Jomtien beach. See the map below for location

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