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Phan-gna Viewpoints


Phangna (pronounced p-hang-gna, not fangna, just as phuket is pronounced poo-ket, not fooket), the mainland next to Phuket famed for the bay where rocks jut up in strange unnatural formations, has many viewpoints.

So if you're visiting, say a temple, or a beach, or a waterfall, or a cave, or taking a boat trip to the islands from here, it's worth spending some time getting high up to soak up the view.

Photographs don't really capture mountains. Your brain scales mountains to be much larger than they are in the camera. So you won't really get the sense of Phangna from my amateur photos, but to help, I've stretched them a little, to give you a sense of the splendor your eyes see.


First up, Phangna viewpoint, this is a viewing platform built up on a north facing hill, with a nice concrete road. It's easy to get to, there's refreshments once you get there, and it offers two main views. North the landscape looks like Chiang Mai, south, the view is more typical of Phangna with the jutting hills. Between the two is tranquil farm land.


In a few months they're building a campsite here too, so you can spend the night out in the wild lush green of Phangna. It must be great to go star-gazing there, with so little buildings nearby the dark sky must be really black. The lady at the site tells me it will offer the chance to rent tents, or bring your own. (Their telephone is 081 3972178, you'll need a Thai speaker, they don't speak English).

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I've already covered a viewpoint nearer Phuket, the Andaman Viewpoint, with the sky crane. It's not just points that are worth visiting, it's roads too.
Highway 4 winds and twists across the hills of Phangna, and while most of the view is of dense jungle, at the top of the hill, they've build a viewing tower down across the valley to see the hills.


This road continues on down to Krabi, so a short detour from the Pan Asia Highway is all it takes to end up wandering in these hills.

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But perhaps you want to be next to water, eating a nice meal and enjoying the view of Phangna? Well that's easy too, there are plenty of jetties with seafood restaurants that let you eat next to the water enjoying the views onto the bay.


Across the water is an isolated fishing community, small boats carry people back and forth to it, there's no access across the mangrove swamps. The farmers live here too, the central part of this land is dry enough to farm, but most of it is mangrove jungle with no easy access.

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There's nothing to see but a rural village on that side, but this place is a kicking off point for long tail boats to explore the islands on the bay. So it's a good place to break for lunch before an afternoon visiting islands.

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