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Phang-nga Temple Rat Upatham


Heading south in Phang Nga province on the way to Phuket, and on a new road, I catch a glimpse of a pagoda on the hill. Well, I haven't done anything on this road trip, so now would be a good time to stop off and take a look.

It turns out there is a lot more to this temple than just the pagoda. There are quite a few steep hills here, and they've built Buddha statues on some, Pagodas on others, a Monk meditation refuge around the back.


There were quite a few tourists here too. It seems to be a tourist destination because it's near the beaches of Khao Lak and has great views across the jungle.

I'm never very keen on fixed pay to enter temples. It feels a bit commercial, but that only seems to apply to the pagoda, the main statues are donation up to you.

The best thing here is the views, you catch glimpses of the Buddha statues through the jungle and then head off to go find them. Lots of climbing and walking, and if you like, you can drive.

The roads are steep, very steep, but if a minivan can make it so can any car.


The whole complex is big, and well worth the visit. But only if you're not visiting the Pagodas a bit further north at Thamma Park. In my mind, the climbing of a lot of complex pagodas is more rewarding. I'll include it on the map below so you can see where they both are:

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