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Phimai Historical Park


This is an ancient Khmer temple, some 900 years old. If you're heading north on Road 2 into Isaan, its a short detour off the highway North of Korat, to visit it. You can read about its historic significance on Wikipedia if you like, but for me it's a break from the driving and something to see.

It's nice to see these old semi-ruined building, but it's not something you'd set out to visit. The best way to see lots of these old monuments, is to go to Ancient Siam, the theme park in Bangkok, hire a golf buggy, drive around, see a lot of them all at once, have a nice meal, buy some souvenirs and head back to your hotel... all on the same day!


There are some things here to make you smile. If you like the game series Zelda, visit the museum and look at the stone statues, you'll see the influence the Khmer temple had on the game's designers. Even the green pond with the spikey trees reminded me of Zelda, but I thinks that's more of a coincidence.


Do take note of the 'Keep off the grass' sign, and be sure to only walk on the ancient stone temple that is the entire point of this historical park, and not the decorative grass that surrounds it!

There was an odd restriction on the museum too. They weren't happy to let me photograph, especially selfies. Something about respecting ghosts, but I didn't really understand the reasoning as to why selfies were so bad!


Take a detour off the Route 2 road, there's plenty of parking outside the historical park, entry is 50 baht for Thais and 100 baht for tourists. The museum is the same price.

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