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Phra Mahathat Chedi Phakdi Prakat


I was tired, it was a long drive and I needed a rest. Perhaps a cooling sea breeze? Some shade by the beach? Thankfully it's not so hard to find the beach when driving south on the main highway, the beach is only a few kilometers east of the road, a short drive is all it takes.

And sure enough, I found a long stretch of under-developed beach, with plenty of trees for shade, and the perfect breeze.


But I also found a chedi, up on the hill, a place of worship. with a view down onto beaches either side. So once I'd awoke refreshed, it was time to explore.

Some buildings are difficult, from afar you can only glimpse them, and nearby they are too big to photograph. There is no happy medium for this, no single place you can get that perfect shot.


Inside is really no better, no-camera signs are everywhere, colorful paintings adorn the doors behind protective plastic, and they don't want flash fading the colors.


So take your eyes not your camera. There's some very beautiful stained glass windows here, depicting Buddha scenes, and plenty of things to see here. Not least the view.


You can find this south of Sam Roi Yot.

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