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Phraya Nakhon Cave, Near Hua Hin


I'm visiting Sam Roi Yot, which is a hilly area of coast just south of Hua Hin, in South Thailand. Sam Roi Yot literally means 300 peaks.

There's plenty of caves here, and this is one of the most famous, Phraya Nakhon Cave, famous because its huge and has a pavillion built into it. It's a lot of chambers that have collapsed ceilings, letting light stream down into the caves below.


As you can imagine this is very photogenic, but you need to work to get the shot. The entrance to the cave is 500m up the side of a hill, and even before you get there, there are two hills to walk across from the nearest beach entrance. Fortunately there is a shortcut, a boat ride around the coast, but at 400 baht per boat it's not cheap, but at least its there and back! More expensive boat rides from hotels around the coast take you direct from the hotel to the cave entrance.


This is a national park, which means tourists pay 200 baht to enter, or 20 baht for me, so this is quite an expensive trip, but it is one of the must-do things in Sam Roi Yot.

A good spray with mosquito repellent is recommended here. The initial climb is through jungle. I took a bottle of water with me too. 500 meters doesn't seem far, but when its uphill it is hard work. Once you've climbed up the hill and reached the start of the cave, the walk is then down into the cave itself! With sights to see this doesn't seem so hard.


The graffiti on the wall in the main chamber is the monograms of visiting monarchs, if they can climb into here then so can you.

Looking at the map, I think the boat trip was unnecessary, the trip from beach up the hill is about as long as the trip from the entrance across the headland!

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