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Phuket Orchid Farm


It's a rainy day in Phuket, and a visit to the Phuket Orchid farm suffers badly from the rain, the wrong season for orchids and quite frankly the small size of the farm! I saw this orchid farm received 7/10 on Trip Advisor, so I thought it was worth a visit, but this is really not a large orchid farm by Thai standards, you'll find bigger farms on the floating market boat tours, and Nong Nooch on the other side of Thailand has a far larger orchid gardens among a much larger gardens and attractions.


No matter, perhaps it's just the rain dampening the mood. The orchid farm has umbrellas to keep off the worst of it, and so I press on.


This is a orchid farm, not an orchid garden, and by that I mean it's not a show of orchids, rather its row upon row of orchids being grown for sale, each row having one type of orchid arranged for farming ease not aesthetics. If you want to buy orchids this is the place to come, if you want to see orchids, give it a miss.


I think this photo sums it up best, the rain and farm lines drained the colour and joy from the orchids.

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