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Ranong, Hotsprings, Nature, Food....


The plan here was to stay in Ranong in the tree top cabins next to the Ngao waterfall. I've wanted to do these since I saw them on my last visit, but then I had a hotel booked and paid for, this time they were closed for repair! I had my mosquito repellent ready and everything, but it was just not to be.


Instead we headed over to the hotsprings for a bathe, there are lots of hotsprings in Ranong, I chose Pornrang because of the river and the natural fish manicure they give you. The hotsprings reception, says they have cabins available for rent, but they'll have to confirm availability. We'll now shortly, so we head off for a dip.

I wondered how Baby Pang would take to hot springs. She's been many places and done many things, but never a hotspring. Would it be too hot for her?

No, she quickly gets use to the heat, and I put her swimming floats on and she happily paddles around in the hot water. I didn't put her in the hottest pool, but the medium hot one, seems to be no problem.

The river and fish were more of a problem, she really doesn't like the big fish biting her feet and they manage to take a chunk of me too. Time to head to our cabin, at 900 baht, its cheap accommodation with an excellent location next to the river.


At night we wander around the town center and settle on a western restaurant, "Farmhouse Restaurant" next to the hotel with the same name. The food is perfect and cheap.


The next day, the temple Thung Ngao, with its steep walk up the hill. The view across the valley from here is amazing, and the exercise burns off the large meal from the night before.

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