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Robot Restaurant Bangkok


In Bangkok, well technically its outside Bangkok at Nonthaburi, so lets say it's within the greater metropolitan district of Bangkok, there is a new mall called 'Central Westgate'.

On the third floor is a buffet restaurant that does Suki and Teppanyaki style meals. Both of these are do-it-yourself style, you order a series of dishes to cook, the ingredients arrive, you either cook your food in soup (that's Suki) or on a griddle (that's Teppanyaki).


The selection is not the best here, and neither is the price, but you visit this restaurant to see the robots, who serve you and occasionally do a dance.

I thought this restaurant had touch screen ordering, but no, you fill in a card, written in Thai. So this means you need to take a Thai speaking friend with you.

I opted for the Teppanyaki, and made a bit of a mess of the cooking, luckily the staff were there to clean the griddle for my second attempt. They have soy sauce for seasoning, and cooking saki for a bit of flavor, but if you overuse the soy it can burn on the griddle!

To find the restaurant, it is on the third floor of Central Westgate.

Central Westgate is a huge mega-mall, which will soon have an MRT line running past it, but for the moment you can reach it by car from the center of Bangkok.

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