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Sarasin Bridge


Sarasin Bridge is the bridge connecting the mainland to Phuket Island. When they built a second bridge here, they also build a viewing platform in the middle, so tourists can visit it, and get a good look at the straits.

The strait runs east to west, the bridge is at the north side of the island, and this means there are two headlands, one on the Phuket side, west, and one of the Phang-na side East.


Getting the the headland on the Phuket side is easy, a road loops around there, and beach cafe's dotted along this road will serve you cool drinks in the shade on the beach. The sea is rough though, the kind that sweeps unwary tourists out, and no lifeguards either to rescue you. Not like Nai Yang beach. I played chicken with the waves for a while, but it was time to press on to the bridge.

I'd found one headland, but what about the other side? Can I get to the headland there? I don't have a map, but there must be a road on the left. I have a bike, I have a camera, it's Appon the Explorer time, so I set off to find a way to that headland.


That's not as easy as it seems, I tried the first turning and that was a loop that took me back to the main highway, the next turning I saw was the turnoff for Ban Na Kluae, terrific, I can see the sea, I can see an arch. But once I got there, it was a damaged plinth and the headland was far to the left. I'd overshot, too far along the coast.


But I wasn't far, I could see where the headland would be, and there was a dirt road turn off just a few years back. Perhaps that leads to the headland? So I set off once more, this time along a dirt track.


Intrepid Appon, stopping only to set up a tripod, unpack my camera, take a photo, put back my camera, repack the tripod. If Columbus had a blog, he'd never have made it to America. This track leads past some interesting farms, and grazing lands for Thailands most overused mother-in-law joke, the Buffalo.


But this track just gets deteriorates to nothing, the track is covered in deep sand, and the wheels don't have traction. Sand is my new arch nemesis, I've defeated hill-starts already. Eventually the track ends in a big pool of water, time to give up and turn around.

Now that I have maps and satellite pictures and internet, I can see the best way to get to that headland, is to walk along the beach! But an adventure is an adventure, and I did discover a new arch nemesis, so the day isn't a total write-off.


Just north of the bridge is a row of shops, selling dried fish and traditional snacks. I buy some sweet dried strips of fish, the lady tells me I can soak them and barbecue them, since I am doing Korean Barbecue tonight for the Thai food blog, I'm going to take her advice and eat them that way. I also buy some flaky pastry wrapped buns to eat now.


Three packets for 100 baht, some with salty eggs and sweet fruits, some with candied stewed fruit.

Look for Sarasin Bridge at the north tip of Phuket Island. Google maps doesn't let me embed particular views onto maps, I'm afraid you have to zoom out and click.

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