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Show DC, Bangkok Mall with Shows!


I've found, quite by accident, a new shopping malls in Bangkok that's worth a visit! Show DC, on Rama 9 is a Korean themed mall from RCA group. There are lots and lots of malls in Bangkok, practically every month a new one opens somewhere. They're pretty much cookie-cutter malls with the same shops and same ideas, so I usually don't review them. You can go to one, or another and they're the same.

Show DC is very different, RCA malls have an unusual twist to them, House RCA has, for example the "Cookin with Nanta" show, a slapstick comedy live show, and a second floor go-cart track!


RCA's Show DC mall main claim to fame is TWO top notch live shows. The one I went to see was Himmapan Avatar, the other is Ong Bak show Live. Ong Bak is a famous Thai movie, Himmapan is a legendary Thai story of forest spirits.

But there's a lot more to this mall than the two shows. After the show, I headed up to Republik, a nightlife area on the roof of the mall. It has views over Rama 9 road, live music and plenty of life. I'm in the nearby hospital while my new born baby has an operation, and I'm in a wheelchair from the C-Section birth, and they have wheelchairs to help me around. This mall is a real treat!


Lots of new restaurants to try, lots of Korean themed shops and nightlife. This is brilliant, the show was a total wow too. I notice my favorite Thai TV show, "The Mask" has a "meet the performers" night, where I can go and see the singers perform in their masks. I can't go, I'll have my baby out of hospital then, and I'll be a zombie from the 3am feeds, but it's yet another thing that makes this mall stand out.


Outside the mall is an open air market filled with food and live music. I noticed there was an event being setup. I think it was an open air concert, but I didn't have the chance to see it. Yet another reason to visit this mall.

This mall isn't so near BTS or MRT, but it is easy to catch a taxi or the courtesy bus here. It's also very accessible by car, along Rama 9 highway.

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