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Tatton Park Waterfall


Chaiyaphum continues to show promise, well apart from the disappointing Stone Henge, Tatton Park is a nature park North West of Chaiyaphum city and it's got an excellent waterfall in it.

It's Songkran, and all the locals descend onto this waterfall in their hundreds, a big line of traffic at the gate and large overspill car-parks means the place will be packed.

At the high part of the waterfall, children play in the relatively slow shallow water. I head for the bottom part, past the danger signs and into the water below. Don't jump off the the top into the bottom, its not deep enough, hence the danger signs!

What makes it special? Well its just high enough to get you a blast of water at the bottom, but not so high that it hurts when the water hits you. But the best thing I found is that I can get behind the waterfall and take a rest from the fast current among the moss.


Naturally there's plenty of food here, the salted barbecued fish catching my eye, but I'm heading off to a local damn which is a better place to eat. So for now, it will only be the waterfall.

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