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Temple on Prachuap Kiri Khan Hill


As you drive the long journey from Bangkok to the South, just need to find things to break the journey. You just gotta. Thankfully its not that hard, this will catch your eye as you pass through Prachual Kiri Khan, it's a white building up on the hill with stairs leading up.

Time to explore.


As you climb the hill there are lots and lots of monkeys. You can see they own this place and they've made quite a mess of it. Vendors sell money food here, and you'd better just hand them the food and take no chances. You don't want to get into a fight.


The monk carries a slingshot, he doesn't load it with anything, but the monkeys don't know that. It's enough to scare them away from the temple door as visitors enter to pray. Without my guard monk, the monkeys would get inside and wreck the place, so once I'm done, he closes the door and locks it again.


The view here is spectacular with a view over three bays, and down to the air-field. The monkeys would have a great life, if they weren't always fighting! Free food, a relaxed life and a nice place to live, and yet there's always one dumb monkey who thinks he should be boss, and picks a fight!

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