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Temple on the Hill, Wat Ban Tham, Kanchanaburi


When I was at the beach in Kanchanaburi, I spotted a pagoda on the hill behind. When something catches your eye, it beckons you, you have no choice, you have to go! I only hope it isn't a huge climb, I have a long way to go today and don't want to exhaust myself. Memories of the Tiger Temple in Krabi flood back. That pagoda takes two hours to go up and down and two hours for your shaky legs to recover!


Thankfully there's plenty of eye-candy on the climb up. The climb starts at the temple below, and heads up the stairs into the mouth of a dragon. Each section of the climb changes, making the whole climb seem a lot less daunting and a lot more rewarding.


Once past the dragon, a climb up the stairs into another cave beckons. Inside a giant buddha statue lit from hole in the roof of the cave gives you a welcome chance to rest... erm pray while sitting down. Each section beckons you onwards and upwards.

Nearer the top a rest platform gives you a view across the lake below, lots of fish farms dot the shores.


When you reach the top, a pagoda, and a buddha statue with rather interesting staff in his hand greet you. Goal reached, now if only I can make it down the hill again without my legs shaking! Not easy, but section by section, rest by rest I make it down again.


This is quite a popular temple, and there are plenty of stalls selling drinks and food at the bottom, so I have time to recover. I think if you are going to do this and the beach, it would be better to do this first, then go eat and relax at the beach next to the lake.

Kanchanaburi has plenty of highlights, the main tourist things are the river Kwai bridge tour, cultural shows, and the floating markets. But if you're done those, why not explore these less travelled sites?

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