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Toilets Toilets Toilets, at Chumporn


North of Chumporn on the main highway there was a garden. You could visit it, and see fruit and flowers and buy some plants.

It got good reviews for the cleanliness of their toilets. So, sort of as a joke, they built more and more and more extravagant toilets. So now people visit them to see the toilets, and no so much the gardens.


They have toilets shaped like pigs, they have Tarzan and Jane toilets, that need a bit of climbing to get to. They have a skywalk toilet, right up high.


My favorites were the bird house toilet, and the separate man-womens toilet, with ladders up into a toilet on the roof. After viewing all of the toilets, I left my vote in the birdhouse!

It's raining season and so the mosquitoes are out in force. I stupidly left the mosquito repellent in the back of the car and had to dig around to find it. I was bitten 5 or 6 times as I dug around for the repellent!

Be prepared, give yourself a spray down before you park!


It's located in the southern part of Chumpon province, south of Chumpon town on the main Highway 41 (Northbound). Ideally if you're heading North or South and pass this, it makes a good stopover.

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