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Train Market, Bangkok


Tourists spend their time at the big attractions, and never go anywhere else. Even the major malls don't get many tourist visitors unless they're near the sky-train. But since I'm in Bangkok, I'm determined to explore around Udomsuk where I'll be staying for the next few weeks.

I found a great little place for night shopping and fun eating. Inside it's called the Train Market and the huts are themed like 19th century train wagons. But strangely the entrance has an unexplained wooden boat

My nearest malls here in Udomsuk, are Seacon Square, and Paradise Mall. Seacon Square is a mega-mall that's had a recent refurbishment, there's a lot of useful things here, but ultimately it's just a big building with shops. With no real theme, a sprawling layout, overcrowded parking, I would normally give this mall a miss. Paradise Mall, further down, I've covered before, it's got a terrific food hall and is one of my favorite malls: the right size, easy to find things, simple parking layout. Normally this would be my choice of the two.

That's changed now, since I've discovered the Train market, just after Seacon Square. It's one street down, so you can spend the day shopping in Seacon then move onto Train Market for an evening meal, live music and a bit of antiques shopping to finish the day. Suddenly Seacon Square looks a lot more appealing!


Parking in Train Market is 40 baht, it gets busy at the weekend, but there are plenty of parking attendents to help you find an empty space. Once in, lots of shops with plenty of variety, a lot of them are classic motorbike related, or western antiques, but I found plenty of clothes, I even found a clock shop that sells nothing but clocks. 800 baht for the large green French style clock?! I paid 900 baht in Chatuchak market for that!


At the far end, bars with live music compete for your attention, often to each others detriment. When you have 5 bars with 5 bands all within 100 meters of footpath, it's a big confused. The outer tables of each bar are empty as the clash of different music makes those seats unpleasant to sit in. They should agree to take turns so as not to drive each others customers away.


One of my party tried the rib-eye beef steaks and gives them two thumbs up, I don't eat beef so I can't confirm it myself. I tried the ice-cream cauldron from the Sweet Wow shop. Scoops of ice cream, served in a cauldron with dry-ice smoke to add a bit of fun and drama. Funny how the fun in food makes it taste so much better! If you have small children a visit to this shop is a must.


I'd filled up on snacks walking around the market, little Khanom Krok omelettes made with seafood and squid really filled me up.

Buttons and badges, clothes and clocks, there's a lot to see here and it rounds off a day of shopping at Seacon Square, nicely.

I can no longer highlight single points on my maps now after the Google downgrade of maps. I think this is Googles shark jumping moment when you can't share a single place on a map in a map site, its all downhill from here! Click this link to see where it is instead for the moment.

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