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Wat Huai Mongkol


On the road to the south of Thailand, not far from Hua Hin, a famous beach resort, you'll find Temple Huai Mongkol, with a large monk statue on top and a lake and gardens.

It's a dose of religion for Hua Hin tourists, but this is really a celebration of one monk, not of Buddhism. Statues of him surround the large one, and you can gild these with gold leaf.


One of the main traditions here is to walk three times under the elephant. Try not to do anything rude with the three headed Erawan elephant penis! It's inappropriate! As ever with a temple, dress modestly.

Once you've done the rituals for the statues, the lake beckons, with walkways across it and salas to rest in and perhaps enjoy a picnic.


I spotted something in the jungle, a new Buddha statue is being built across the lake. It's a dirt track away on the west side of the lake and if you hurry you can see how these statues are made.


Breeze block holds fibre glass molds in place, that are then filled with plaster and steel bar. Pieces are made individually, then attached to a steel framework in the buddha itself.


If you look closely, you can see the pointy top of the Buddha statue is missing, it's waiting down stairs to be hauled up to the head.

Many other parts are still being made, layer by layer, mold by mold.

I visited this temple during a trip to the south, you can catch it on a drive south, or by taxi from Hua Hin.

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